EPY class schedule adjustments—due to winter weather conditions—will follow the EVSC closing or delay announcements
. If EVSC classes are cancelled or delayed, only morning classes will be cancelled at EPY. On those days, our noon and evening schedule will usually be uneffected, and run as normal. In exceptional circumstances noon or evening classes may be effected as well. Information will be posted here if NOON or EVENING classes are cancelled on those days.

Welcome to EPY!

Our mission at EPY is to empower people through the practice of yoga to be grounded and authentic individuals, to create a life of love and connection for themselves.

As part of that mission, Evansville Power Yoga offers a variety of classes geared toward different experience and fitness levels. Our three broad categories give you access to a yoga that will work with your body.

• Our EMPOWERED series is geared towards anyone recovering from injury, or wanting a very low impact practice. These classes include chair yoga and floor-based hatha.

• Our BASICS series is perfect for anyone new to yoga. These classes are low-to-moderate impact. They focus on teaching alignment and core physical skills, as well as developing a student's knowledge of the various poses.

• Our POWER VINYASA series is our most physical. These classes incorporate strength, flexibility, and velocity, providing a vigorous and rewarding experience. The classes are numbered 1 to 3; the higher the number, the higher the impact

Regardless of which series you choose, our teachers work to make each class a satisfying and rewarding experience. Our teachers are among the area's most highly trained and experienced. Having been the first Evansville area studio to offer power yoga over ten years ago, EPY is proud to continue being the leader in the training and instruction of the power vinyasa style. We're the only Evansville area studio authorized to teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga™, and we bring the Baptiste methodology of teaching to every single style of yoga that we teach. Our teachers strive to teach with honesty, integrity, strength, and humor—and we encourage and challenge our students to bring the same into their practice.

What is Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga?


Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga isn't a sequence of poses; it's a method of teaching. It's a method that brings power and transformation to the student. Baptiste Methodology™ uses physical practice, meditative focus, and active inquiry to help students reclaim their full physical and mental potential—to help students awaken passion, create authenticity, confidence, and new possibilities in their life and practice.

Baptiste Yoga™, available only at EPY, will not only strengthen, stretch, and transform the body, but will transform the mind and spirit as well.

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