Frequently Asked Questions  

What should I wear?

Lightweight clothing is best. Wear clothing that's appropriate for sweating and moving.

What should I bring to class?

Bring a mat. If you do not have one, you may rent a quality Jade mat from us for $3 for use during the class. Also bring a water bottle if you'd like to refill from our supply of filtered water. (EPY provides towels for use during class at no additional charge.)

Why is the room heated?

Evansville Power Yoga is not "hot" yoga; however, the temperature is ideally set to near 90 degrees. Sweating is an essential bodily function. The warmer temperature helps protect the muscles and helps develop inner heat. Bottom lineā€”it helps you get more from your practice.

Some of our restorative and gentle classes are taught at a cooler room temperature. Call and talk with us if you're unsure about which classes these are.

I'm a beginner. I'm not flexible. Will this be too hard for me?

The Baptiste style of power vinyasa yoga was developed with the goal of making yoga accessible to as many people as possible. We welcome beginners, and offer classes especially for those who are new to yoga. If you're not flexible now, that's all the more reason to come and experience a class.

We encourage students to respect their current fitness level, and to allow their practice and ability to grow in a natural way. We'll work with you to make sure that happens.

Who is Baron Baptiste, and what makes Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga so special?

Baron Baptiste is studio owner Mark Goltiao's teacher, and the teacher for the core staff of the EPY teaching crew. Baron has been instrumental in introducing yoga, and especially power yoga, to the American public. He's a man of integrity dedicated to expanding students into their greatest potential. You can read more about him, and learn about the Baptiste methodology, at the Baptiste website: Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga .

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