What is Power Yoga?
Power Yoga combines dynamic breathing and strong, flowing movement to create a high–heat, high–energy workout. The power
yoga sequence of postures flows from one to the next—building inner heat, building strength, loosening and rebuilding tight joints and muscles.

The term "power yoga" came into common usage in the mid-1990's, when several yoga teachers were looking for a way to make
Ashtanga yoga and vinyasa-style yoga more accessible to Western students. Two American yoga teachers who are most often credited
with the near simultaneous naming of power yoga are Beryl Bender Birch, based in New York, and Bryan Kest, based in Los Angeles. Other teachers, including Baron Baptiste, have since gone on to adapt and grow power yoga, making it a truly transformative experience—both physically and mentally.

Evansville Power Yoga follows a program of power yoga inspired by Baron Baptiste, of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.
A typical class is built from up to 53 possible poses in 11 series, linked together by connective vinyasa (flow). Depending on the length
of class and class dynamic, the instructor can vary the sequence from day to day, providing the student with a familiar yet
challenging practice that doesn't become routine.

What to expect/classroom setting.
Power Yoga is not "hot" yoga; however, the temperature is ideally set between 85 and 90 degrees. The warmer temperature helps protect the muscles and helps develop one's inner heat. Because of the nature of power vinyasa, be prepared to sweat. Be prepared for a workout.

Our Gentle Power, Power Yoga Basics, and Restorative classes are taught at a cooler room temperature.

What should I bring to class?
At no additional cost, EPY provides towels and filtered water. We also have a limited number of loaner mats that new students may use; however, we do encourage students to purchase a mat of their own.

I'm a beginner. Will this be too hard for me?
Absolutely not. We welcome beginners, and offer several classes especially for those who are new to yoga. In these classes, we work one on one with students, teaching the individual poses used in the Power Yoga flow sequence. Look for our Gentle Power and Power Yoga Basics classes on our CLASSES & RATES page.

We also offer additional classes that are geared toward an increasing student experience level—Power Yoga Level 1 being the lowest intensity and Power Yoga Level 3 being the highest. Many classes might also be a blend of levels, such as "Level 1, 2" or "Level 2, 3". This allows students to gauge their current fitness level, and make decisions accordingly.

We encourage students to respect their current fitness level, and to allow their practice and ability to grow in a natural way.

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