Class Schedule Class Descriptions

8:00–9:00am (Power Yoga– 2, 3)
9:15–10:15am (Power Yoga–1, 2)
1:00—2:15pm (Power Yoga–1, 2)  

5:30–6:30am (Power Yoga–2)
7:00–8:15am (Gentle Power–1)
5:00–6:15pm (Power Yoga–1, 2)
6:30 –7:45pm (Power Yoga–2, 3)

5:30–6:30am (Quiet Guided Power–2)
8:45–10:00am (Power Yoga–1, 2)
11:00–Noon (Focused Power–1)
5:00–6:15pm (Power Yoga–2, 3)
6:30–7:45pm (Power Yoga–1, 2) 

5:00–6:00am (Power Yoga–2)
7:00–8:15am (Gentle Power–1)
8:45–10:00am (Power Yoga–1, 2)
5:00–6:15pm (Power Yoga–1, 2)
6:30–7:45pm (Power Yoga–2, 3)

5:30–6:30am (Quiet Guided Power–2)
8:45–10:00am (Power Yoga–1, 2)
11:00–Noon (Focused Power–1)
5:00–6:15pm (Power Yoga–2, 3)
6:30–7:45pm (Power Yoga–1, 2)

7:30–8:30am (Gentle Power–1)
8:45–10:00am (Restorative–1)
5:00–6:00pm (Power Yoga–1, 2)  

8:00–9:15am (Power Yoga–2, 3)
9:30–10:45am (Power Yoga–1)
1:00–2:15pm (Power Yoga–2, 3)

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Power Yoga
The heart of Evansville Power Yoga. This vinyasa (flow) based practice is a potent physical yoga and meditative practice. Along with active self inquiry, these are used as tools of transformation—encouraging participants to reclaim their full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities.

There are three levels you can participate in:

•Level 1
Slow-to-no flow, combined with attention to form and alignment. Perfect for beginning students who want a little vinyasa (flow) in their practice, and who also want to learn the various postures that make up power vinyasa yoga.

•Level 2
The combination of vinyasa, plus posture hold, is at a moderate intensity.

•Level 3
The combination of vinyasa, including jump backs and jump throughs, plus posture hold, is at its maximum intensity.

Gentle Power—Level 1
No flow. Students will concentrate on form. Perfect for newer students wanting to concentrate on alignment—and for students who do not want to practice with vinyasa (flow).

Quiet Guided Power—Level 2
Our regular flow class led with minimal voiced instruction allowing students to focus internally on their practice. Instructor both leads and practices with the students. Students must have a good understanding of Sun Salutation A & B.

Focused Power—Level 1
Centering on 3 of the 5 Baptiste Pillars of Practice—breath, drishti, and foundation (alignment), —students will be encouraged to bring their attention and intention into focus.

Restorative—Level 1
These classes are designed for students who want to spend time in a variety of poses intended to relax and restore.


Drop–In Rate
Students w/ID $12
Non-Student $14

Discounted Class Passes
Five Class Pass $65 • Ten Class Pass $120

Unlimited Monthly
One Month Unlimited Single $80 • One Month Unlimited Family (2 Adults) $120
One Month Unlimited Student $65 

New-To-EPY Unlimited Month Trial Pass
$45 – Available to any FIRST TIME EPY student. Cannot be combined with other offers. May be purchased only once, and must be purchased before attending a second class.


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